At PR3SSGANG we take great pride in the quality of our products. Every item is double checked and thoroughly looked over, before being properly packaged in two different types of poly bags/mailers and sealed for shipping. We do our best to prevent any type of damage that can occur during the shipping process. In the instance of a return, sending shirts back and fourth can get costly for both the seller and the customer. So unless there is a defect in the print, some type of mess up on our part, or damage to the garment previous to you removing it from it's packaging. All sales are final. However we do understand some circumstances are different than others. So in any case, contact us and we'll see what we can do to fix any issues. 

PLEASE!!! Make sure you fully understand our refund/return policy as well as our provided T-Shirt sizing chart before completing your purchase. The T-Shirt sizing chart is provided above. There will be no returns or refunds given if the customer chooses the wrong shirt size. It costs the seller and the customer money to exchange an item. So please be confident in your measurements before purchasing. Also, we will not accept returns on items that have been washed, stained, over warn, or damaged in any way. In instances when a refund or return is necessary. The customer must contact PR3SSGANG within 14 days after receiving the product, to request a return or refund. The customer will also be responsible for the shipping cost of the returned product, unless the item was previously damaged or defective. Thank You


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